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Holli Rae

filmmaker & designer


Holli Rae is a best known for her vivid imagery, acute attention to detail, and ability to evoke emotion.


She produces, directs and designs uplifting content for film, TV, documentary, animation, advertising, fashion, and music.



The Goddess Project - Documentary 
Producer, Director, Production Designer, Editor, Animator

Driven by a desire to see more representation for women in media, two female filmmakers set off on a 6 month + 10,000 mile journey in vegetable oil powered school bus to interview 100 inspiring women across the U.S.

Provenance - Television Series 
Director - Episode 103

In the midst of a business merger at one of the world's finest auction houses, a group of senior and junior specialists compete in the cutthroat world of contemporary art sales. Balancing integrity and greed, every person must learn what they truly value and what kind of person they want to become.

"Push It" - Music Video & Album Art 
Producer, Director, Production Designer

After a long day of hustling as a janitor in Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams, MoodHay discovers some unexpected admirers of his music at his last stop on the clock.

Iris' Arrangement - Short Film
Producer, Director, Production Designer

Stuck in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, a lonely young artist finds a delightful surprise at her doorstep that leaves her awestruck.